• Del Fuegos

As best as I can remember, I only ever saw the Del Fuegos once, and it was a few years before the Boston band had a modest bit of breakout success in 1984 as scruffy heartland rockers. I caught them in 1983 in Philadelphia, at a show billed as “Psych-Out.” The headliners were LA’s Three O’Clock, poster children for the so-called Paisley Underground scene, which also included the Rain Parade, the Bangles, the Long Ryders, the Dream Syndicate, and Green on Red. The middle act on the bill was a solid but long-forgotten Philly trio called the Impossible Years. I think I wore the only paisley shirt I owned at the time—I was down with that shit back then. The cover charge was five bucks, and included a couple of sugar cubes in a small paper cup, presumably to drop my acid onto—nice touch. Check out the fancy gig flyer after the jump!