Chicago, 1972 by Kenneth Josephson
  • Chicago, 1972 by Kenneth Josephson

Are your eyes bleary from staring at a computer all week? Well, wake them up by taking a gander at some exciting art. Here’s what’s going down in visual arts this weekend.

Thursday 1/16

“Galería Sin Fronteras” at the National Museum of Mexican Art The first day to see work by local artists from the personal collection of Notre Dame professor Gilberto Cárdenas.

Friday 1/17

“Mixed Bag” at 33 Collective Gallery The opening day of an exhibit with multidisciplinary work by Steve Sherrell, including oil and acrylic pieces. Reception 7-10 PM.

Jane Freilicher Paintings at Valerie Carberry Gallery First day to see work by the Brooklyn artist.

Saturday 1/18

“Parallel Processing” at Shane Campbell Gallery Your last chance to see site-specific installation work by Paul Cowan.

Sunday 1/19

“Boy, Pig, Power” at Peregrineprogram The last day to view photographs by Doug Ischar.


“City Self” at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicagoans like to pretend we don’t care when people from other cities (cough, New York) notice us, but that’s just a front. Really, it makes us giddy. Case in point: “City Self.” The exhibit centers on the 2011 film Chicago by New Yorker Sarah Morris, with other tributes culled from the museum’s collection.