• Wings Hauser in Vice Squad

This Friday and Saturday the Music Box will present Cinemapocalypse, two nights of exploitation films and otherwise disreputable material programmed by the folks at Austin’s beloved Alamo Drafthouse. One of the highlights is a 35-millimeter screening of Vice Squad (1982), a Los Angeles-set thriller directed by Chicago native Gary Sherman, who will be in attendance to answer audience questions after the film. To learn a bit about the film and its director, I hit up Joe Rubin, a longtime friend and coworker at Odd Obsession Movies. Joe’s a historian of exploitation and hard-core cinema; in the past few years, he’s assisted with the restoration of numerous titles, among them Nelson Lyon’s X-rated comedy The Telephone Book (1971) and Chuck Vincent’s hard-core melodrama Roommates (1981). Our conversation about Vice Squad follows the jump.