It’s been 13 years since Braid put out any new material, but the success of their posthumous best-ofs and reissues as well as their 2004 reunion tour indicates that there are still a lot of Braid fans out there. They’ll be psyched to hear that the pioneering emo-pop outfit is releasing an EP on August 16, largely due to record geeks’ favorite made-up holiday. “Last year I was so excited about Record Store Day,” guitarist and vocalist Bob Nanna told me on the phone Monday, soon after word of the new release surfaced. “I thought, how fun would it be for Braid to get together? What I wanted to do was a two-song seven-inch for Record Store Day 2011, and everyone was into it. So we got together in December and wrote a bunch of songs for it. Then we just waited too long to record it so we didn’t have it ready for Record Store Day, so that’s why it’s coming out in August.”