The Iceberg and a cool pup Credit: Marisa KM

Earlier this week, local five-piece the Iceberg cut loose a two-song cassette single, the band’s first official release. Formed as a solo outlet for Absolutely Not singer and guitarist Donnie Moore, the songs he started writing and recording as the Iceberg took a huge step away from the spazz-out garage punk he’s mastered in his main project; instead he’s going for a deliberately paced, splashy pop vibe. Since recording a bunch of demos on his own the band’s grown into a full lineup, which includes Moore’s Absolutely Not bandmate (and sister) Madison Moore on keyboards, Sybris drummer Clayton DeMuth, and Swimsuit Addition bassist Sam Westerling. On this new cassette’s two tracks, the band nails soaring, haunting postpunk that’s brimming with chilly guitar leads, heavy synths, forlorn melodies, and rich textures. As a fan of Absolutely Not’s unrelenting, high-strung, tightly wound fury, I was genuinely surprised to hear music this expansive and sweeping. Check out the excellent new songs below.