• Byron Miller
  • Bim

A brand-new garage-punk supergroup has emerged, and this Ohio-meets-Texas collaboration is truly a force to be reckoned with. The new band is called Blaxxx, and it features Cleveland’s Lamont “Bim” Thomas—a member of about 100 killer bands, including Obnox, This Moment in Black History, and the Bassholes—on drums and lead vocals, with Orville Neely and Tom Triplett of the Austin-based OBN IIIs on bass and guitar, respectively. The trio got together in Austin during last year’s South by Southwest festival, and recorded four blown-out rippers on the spot—the first of these to be unleashed, “Let Me Hold Your Hand,” is today’s 12 O’Clock Track. “Let Me Hold Your Hand” is a sludgy, ultradistorted, disjointed take on swampy blues. All three musicians wail and stomp, the fractured riffs collapsing and coming back together over the course of the song’s six minutes. It’s soulful, it’s punk, it’s fucked up, and it’s dangerous. I wouldn’t expect Bim to put anything out that wasn’t totally great and exciting, and Blaxxx follows suit. The record officially drops on 2/28 via 12XU.

Check “Let Me Hold Your Hand” out below.