Credit: Sylvie Fort/Courtesy Carol Barreto

Carol Barreto comes from a country that is supposedly a “racial democracy”, but anyone who’s spent a considerable amount of time in Brazil realizes this reputation is just a facade. I was born there, and I know how little social and economic mobility people of darker skin color have in Brazilian society. And it’s all about appearances, since most Brazilians carry African and Native American genes.

Last year Barreto—who is a gender studies professor, a women’s studies researcher, and a culture and society PhD student at the Federal University of Bahia—presented her “Vozes” collection at Black Fashion Week in Paris. Her designs are made for a more voluptuous body and constructed by using folkloric techniques of the “Recôncavo Baiano”, a geographic region that’s heavily influenced by African culture. Barreto will showcase this vibrant, intricate work at the Silver Room at 7 PM. More info here