Saib putting the final touches on his entry into the live graffiti competition

On Sunday, the Writer’s Bench 2018 Battle for the Eagle was held at the Illinois Centennial Memorial Column in Logan Square. The events included a live graffiti battle, a freestyle dance battle, a DJ scratch battle, a B-boy cypher, and a breaking battle.

The event went on for the entire night. The dancers performed tirelessly, and the crowd never lost its energy. The DJ kept playing even after the crowning of the last champions with a set of salsa music that kept folks going into the night.

“All there is to it is that I love this,” said Saib. “I love to paint, it’s honestly that simple.”

“It’s beautiful to have an event like this and to be able to do the art I’ve been doing since the 70s,” added DefRock. “Back then we were sneaking into train tunnels to tag, now we’re in the middle of Logan Square with it.”