Over the weekend a Google alert alerted me to this headline: “UNEARTHED: Acid-Tongue Obama on Christian Right”

Fox sour-cherry-picked from a 1995 Reader story by Hank De Zutter, “What Makes Obama Run,” to come up with this nugget: “Obama Once Accused Christian Right of Intolerance, Narrow-Mindedness”

Here’s the quote cited: “The right wing, the Christian right, has done a good job of building these organizations of accountability, much better than the left or progressive forces have,” he told the Chicago Reader. “But it’s always easier to organize around intolerance, narrow-mindedness, and false nostalgia. And they also have hijacked the higher moral ground with this language of family values and moral responsibility.”

Judging by the comments on the Fox site, the article proves Obama is anti-Christian, atheist, Muslim, socialist, and/or communist.

Read De Zutter’s story yourself. You decide.