OK, so it’s not really breaking news—it happened last week. And it’s not technically cheese: brunost, also known as gjetost, is made from the whey of goat’s milk and is popular in Scandinavia (but while it’s sweet, it’s usually referred to as cheese). But a truckload of it definitely did catch fire. Twenty-seven tons of it, to be exact. The truck was in a tunnel near Tysfjord, in northern Norway, at the time (no cause for the fire was reported), and the blaze took five days to put out. That’s some flammable cheese-type product.

Had I known this before the Key Ingredient shoot that Jason Hammel of Lula Cafe did with gjetost, I could have warned him. Who knew that it wouldn’t be an ingredient that was poisonous or insanely spicy or still alive that would prove to be the most dangerous? And Hammel, unaware of the potential deadliness of the cheese, made a gratin that he put in the broiler. We’re all lucky that we made it out alive.

Relatedly: I’d never even realized that reading “the cheese burned on” in a news article was a lifetime dream of mine until it actually happened.