• Seed

Local synth artist Brett Naucke (who we interviewed back in February in anticipation of his Synth-Chili Cook-Off) released his new LP, Seed, on experimental imprint Spectrum Spools last week, and he’s spent the entire month of April playing nonstop in support of it. Tonight Naucke plays two shows, and between his work with art-rock collective Ono (who he recently joined) and his solo sets, these will be his 12th and 13th shows of the month. And according to Naucke, May looks to be shaping up the same way, with just as many live appearances already booked.

Tonight’s first set is at Logan Square’s Comfort Station at 7:30 PM as part of the venue’s Comfort Music series. Naucke will be opening for local ambient artist Bil Vermette, who has been producing experiential synth music for over 30 years.

Later in the evening, Naucke will be playing at Tritriangle, the arts space formerly known as Enemy. Also on the bill is John Wiese, a duo of Graham Stephenson and Aaron Zarzutzki, and Mao.

Naucke isn’t exactly clear on what’s in store for each of tonight’s sets. He says that visuals might be incorporated into one, but it all really “depends on how I’m feeling.” One thing is certain, though, and it’s that he’ll be playing two completely different sets tonight. Suspenseful.

Seed is a pretty, glitchy collection of ambient synth work, and it showcases what Nacuke’s always been good at: blending moody, postindustrial sounds and pleasant, melodic tones to create heady but highly listenable synth pieces. Check out the track “Luau” below.