Newt Gingrich’s latest campaign slogan, which he announced after his victory in South Carolina Saturday, is “Unleash the American people, rebuild the America we love.”

“This is an unconventional slogan, to say the least,” Matt Bai observes on the New York Times “The Caucus” blog. Bai thinks the word “unleash” “makes the citizenry sound like a big, slobbering Doberman that’s been seething in the rain.”

Gingrich has been maintaining he writes his own material, rather than relying on professional consultants, and Bai thinks the slogan betrays it. It’s windy, he says, like Newt. “His campaign has been, to a remarkable extent, built around his own verbiage and rhetorical bravado,” Bai writes. “Rarely, if ever, does Mr. Gingrich, as a speaker, take the shortest route between two points.”