For a guy who’s made a name for himself with live performances just shy of riot inducing, Fucked Up front man Damian “Pink Eyes” Abraham is a remarkably level-headed thinker. His response to the announcement by Canadian indie-pop group Stars that they’d be boycotting Arizona while on tour because of its heinous immigration law was a reasoned and efficient takedown of that kind of empty, knee-jerk grandstanding. (Though I’m sure My Morning Jacket’s newly announced Arizona boycott has state legislators falling all over themselves in a rush to repeal.) And when he interviewed misogynist crunkcore phenoms Brokencyde, he went into it ready and willing to put them on blast, then changed course when the group revealed that they’re more devotedly DIY and egalitarian than 99 percent of the punks in the world. It takes a big man to admit that there’s anything at all awesome or cool about such an unbelievably horrible-sounding band.

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