I am not a bad enough person to actually skip my girlfriend’s birthday party to go see Brutal Truth and Yakuza at the Double Door on Saturday, but I’m at least bad enough to consider it. I couldn’t help it. My first listen through Brutal Truth’s upcoming album, Evolution Through Revolution, ended with brains all over my workspace–that is how mind-blowing this record is. That’s not the type of thing that makes it easy to skip a show.

The scary-impressive thing is that Brutal Truth might just now be reaching their peak after spending a decade more or less dormant. “Nuance” is a weird word to apply to a deathy grindcore band, but most of the songs on Evolution are more deeply textured than the genre’s usual firehose-of-sound onslaught–which makes it that much more of a treat when they do open it up all the way.

I’m only on my second listen now, so I’m not going to get much deeper into a review, but if getting to the Brutal Truth show will not put your relationship with your significant other into serious jeopardy, you better have another good reason to skip it.