Basketball will graduate to a major sport, in my opinion, when it finally develops referees with the spine to call a game the same for the home and road teams.

I’m already on the record with my disdain for the way NBA refs are reluctant to call traveling, to the point where I gave up trying to count the unenforced traveling violations in Sunday’s game in Miami between the Bulls and the Heat. There seems this unwritten NBA law that, if a player is fouled and the refs don’t call it, that player is allowed an extra step or two, depending on the severity of the foul. In much the same way, if a player is fouled and the ball goes out of bounds, the refs may well not call the foul, but award the ball to the team of the fouled player—an unspoken agreement whatever dunderhead was doing the color analysis on ABC tacitly acknowledged when, after Derrick Rose was fouled in the final minute, putting him on the free-throw line, the announcer said he’d rather have seen the ball awarded out of bounds to the Bulls.