Chicago garage-pop group Bunny have been using this logo in lieu of cover art on Bandcamp.

The folks at Dumpster Tapes have a great ear for the garage and punk bands gestating in Chicago’s underground, so when Bunny front woman Jessica Viscius told me that the group were about to release a seven-inch on the label, I perked up. Viscius pointed me toward Bunny’s first video, for a tune called “Promises,” which they released last week. “Promises” certainly looks like a band’s first video—the shots can be unsteady, the cuts are often erratic, and the stream of footage is barely coherent—but the music burns.

“Promises” hangs in the air like the sweltering humidity of late summer, and Viscius’s breathy vocals crank up the heat under its lo-fi riffs. Bunny play East Room tonight with the Curls, Richard Album & the Singles, and Teenage Rage. The free show starts at 9 PM, and Bunny play first.