Ready for doughnuts and ramen? They’ll both be on the menu on opening day for Iliana Regan’s Lakeview microbakery and pop-up space, Bunny the Micro Bakery/Wunder POP, which is now set for Friday, May 22. Regan confirms that the bakery will have pretty much everything listed on its menu, including the doughnuts which are currently a dessert course at Elizabeth (and are improved since her doughnut and pierogi pop-ups at Elizabeth, which drew huge crowds, in case you had any doubt that there was enough demand to support yet another doughnut shop in Chicago).

Meanwhile, the ramen pop-up will also begin that night. Regan talked about the process behind the making of her ramen, as well as about what other kinds of things will be planned for Wunder POP, in this interview last month. The big challenge will be launching two businesses in the same tiny kitchen on the same day, but Regan wants the bakery and the pop-up cooks to learn how to work around each other from the very beginning, so there was no intention of giving the bakery some time to get started before the ramen kicks in.