• via Buzzfeed

It’s got a huge audience, a recognizable style, and no banner ads. I’ve called Buzzfeed the New York Times of new media, in large part because Buzzfeed and its partners can rack up 300 million views in a month—some articles get clicked over a million times, while this post will be lucky to get 1,500—and it’s doing it largely without being seen as trolling too much. Then again, it did just post video of a suicide caught on live TV (just don’t click that) so that’s clearly an open question, and a debate for another time. (Or at the end of this post.)

Anyway, I’ve been curious to know what they put in the water over there that they’re doing so well, so I stopped in at a Social Week Chicago talk given Monday by the website’s chief revenue officer, Andy Wiedlin, about how Buzzfeed tries to connect its advertisers with its audience. The site has a pretty plausible theory on the mechanics of article sharing on the Web, which every Internet user can probably learn from.