As has been reported elsewhere, taps of Bell’s are drying up all over town due to a dispute between the Kalamazoo microbrewery and its new distributor, Chicago Beverage Systems. Though some bars have laid in a store that could last into next year, others are seeing stock dwindle fast. Chicago got its last shipments in October; by next summer you’ll have to cross state lines for your Oberon fix. This Friday Bell’s rep Jim O’Connor hosts a farewell tasting at West Lakeview Liquors, serving up some fall brews already unavailable in Illinois. My colleague Nick Day, expert in all things beer-ific, notes that if the first of the Winter White Ale isn’t enough of a lure, WLL also has, in Trixie and Buddy, the cutest liquor store dogs in the city.

The tasting’s from 6 to 9 PM at the store, 2156 W. Addison, 773-525-1916. It’s free. Moved to register your displeasure with this sorry state of affairs? Go here.