Today in mob rule: Don Imus just got fired. Eric Zorn is gonna be pissed.

I think Digby sums it up best:

“We bloggers didn’t make this toxic, fetid environment, we just live in it. And toxic and fetid it is. At some point the prim and proper MSM are going to have to put down the smelling salts over the uncivil blogosphere and deal with the fact that the world they enabled with their convivial chuckling and snorting at Rush and Imus over the years has brought us to this place. The rest of us are a little busy fighting off the neanderthal thugs they helped create.”

Thus far, the only compelling argument I’ve heard against kicking him to the curb comes from Roy Edroso at alicublog: “I strongly disapprove of his suspension — let a hundred stink-weeds bloom, so that we may not be spared knowledge of what we have become.”