It’s rare that fabled Ukrainian Village watering hole Rainbo Club hosts rock shows, but when it does it’s almost a magical experience. The warm, wooden environment of the dark bar is the perfect backdrop for a spooky, intimate performance. The last show I saw at Rainbo was in 2012 when Disappears performed a benefit show there, setting up behind and on top of the bar, and turning the entire interior into some sort of interactive, psychedelic stage. This Sunday Rainbo is doing it again, hosting Emmett Kelly’s Cairo Gang, named Chicago’s Best Rock Band by Peter Margasak in last year’s Best of Chicago issue. The show is a sort of “welcome home” to the guys, who are currently on tour.

Also playing at Rainbo is Famous Laughs, an indie rock trio headed up by Jake Acosta, who runs local labels Teen River and Lake Paradise. Along for the Famous Laughs ride is bassist Bill Satek, who fronts avant-pop act Mines and is a favorite around these parts for both his musical genius and his TV-friendly personality.

The show is free and begins at 7 PM. It’ll be wrapped up by 10, so you can go to bed at a reasonable hour or hang around the bar and drink in peace.