So Cajmere released a volume of “Percolator” remixes at the end of August, and somehow no one really started flipping out about it until yesterday, when the video to Major Lazer’s “Percumajor” remix hit the Internets. Pretty odd, considering that “Percolator” is easily one of the most important electronic-music songs of all time and the list of producers involved (Major Lazer included) looks like an exceptionally good Hard Festival lineup.

Personally I prefer Gant-Man’s high-speed, booty-popping “Jukeolator” remix, but Diplo and Switch’s hybrid of the Cajmere original and their own floor-filling “Pon de Floor” is clever, and toward the end it gets almost as out of control as I was hoping it would.

The video, which stars the duo’s cybernetic Jamaican alter ego, is typically goofy and heavy on retro signifiers. It’s after the jump.