Ever since the news came out that Cal Robbins — the infant son of incredible DC rock people J. Robbins and Janet Morgan — has a terrible and most likely fatal disease, a bunch of people have gotten it together to help them out. Apparently doctors and hospitals don’t accept scene cred as payment for their services, so on top of individual donations to the family, benefit shows have been announced all over the place. In Chicago, the first one’s happening on January 27 at the Empty Bottle. Eleventh Dream Day, Chin Up Chin Up, Bobby Conn, the Life & Times, and Red Eyed Legends are playing, and Reader contributor Jessica Hopper has helped put together a raffle with prizes ranging from Pitchfork Festival VIP passes to a platonic dinner date with hers truly at Lula Cafe. I’ll be contributing a mix CD to the raffle. I’m trying to secure a Nas exclusive for it, but it looks like that is actually impossible, so I’m moving to plan B: secretly taping someone from Kill Hannah karaoke-ing a Christina Aguilera song.

Tickets for the show are $15, which is a hella deal considering the lineup. And seriously, when was the last time you got drunk and felt good about yourself?