inasal chicken, Bacolod Chicken Haus

  • Mike Sula
  • Inasal chicken, Bacolod Chicken Haus

Speaking of chicken, the Philippine city of Bacolod is famous for chicken inasal, a grilled bird notable for its tanginess—imparted by the juice of the small, sour citrus fruit known as the calamansi—as well as contributions to the marinade like garlic, ginger, coconut vinegar, lemongrass, and sugar. Bacolod Chicken Haus, adopting a bit of the MO of a popular chain back on the islands, has brought it to North Park in a bright, open space on Lincoln Avenue.

It’s really good chicken.

Marinated overnight with the calamansi, garlic, and vinegar (not the coconut variety), it has a salty-sweet-sour balance overlaid with a smoky whiff from the grill. The catch is, it’s only sold in two-piece servings for $7 to $8, which makes it more expensive than the grilled chicken at Parson’s. Still, it comes with a small serving of sweet pickled papaya (atchara) and rice topped with crispy garlic.