I received a press release today telling me that Snoop Dogg is supposed to be in town Monday to host a listening party for his new record at Dragonfly Mandarin. To me the phrases “listening party” and “Snoop Dogg” add up to “probably won’t show up until 1 AM if he shows up at all,” but by all means check it out if you think you can make it through an entire Snoop record in one sitting. For the record, his album is called Blue Carpet Treatment, which I’m guessing is a Crips reference. Is it just me, or did his sudden return to blatant gang talk since “Drop It Like It’s Hot” come off as weird and/or random? Like, was he trying to make up for being on Sesame Street or something? Or the fact that my parents know who he is? 

PS: Don’t get this event confused with the Snoopy DogFest in Naperville on October 14th. Dragonfly Mandarin has Snoop Dogg, and Snoopy Dogfest has actual dogs. They are unrelated despite the fact that their press releases showed up in my in-box mere minutes from each other, which actually freaked me out a little.