If you went to bed early last night with a post-long-weekend sleep hangover (and lord knows, nobody’s judging), you missed Cameron Esposito‘s first appearance on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. Esposito, the founder of Side Mullet Nation, is a Chicago native who moved to LA exactly one year ago yesterday. Over the course of that year, she learned to adapt to the weirdness of life on the west coast and also got engaged. The fact that she’s engaged to a woman should come as no surprise, she joked, to anyone who’s been paying attention to her haircut.

Esposito’s routine about growing up in the burbs and coming to realize she’s a lesbian was funny and engaging, so much so that Ferguson and his other guest, Jay Leno, invited her over to sit with them in the panel seats, “which,” Esposito wrote in an e-mail to the Reader, “is a compliment and doesn’t really happen.”

Then it got even better.

“You’re gonna be on TV a lot,” Ferguson told her. “I mean, I’m gonna get fired, he’s already fired.”

“You’re the future!” Leno agreed. “White men are on their way out. Lesbians rule!”

“Kind of crazy and unheard of,” Esposito wrote. “It is actually like a really odd, awesome, rare TV moment.”

Indeed. Watch the whole bit after the jump: