If you’re worried primarily about your own bottom line these days, that’s more than understandable. But please take a moment to consider the not-for-profit sector, which relies in part on public largesse and gets especially hurty when economic downturns whittle that down to smallesse.

Many, many worthy causes and institutions have their hands out these days. Give a thought to the Old Town School of Folk Music, which since 1957 has brought folk, blues, world music, and international dance to Chicago, with an all-embracing philosophy of affordable lessons and community engagement. They’re facing a budget shortfall and asking all of those who’ve enjoyed their services over the years–concertgoers, music students, parents whose children participate in their popular Wiggleworms program–to chip in $20 each.

Small gifts from many people are just as good as big ones from a few. If you’ve got a double sawbuck to spare, remember how good low-tech, high-content music like folk and blues can be at helping people keep sane during a depression–and donate to the Old Town School.