I caught the Busy Signals last night. They were excellent–as were Shopping–but that’s hardly news, as they generally kick ass full-time. So why am I posting? Busy Signals front woman Ana McGorty had on a Shivvers shirt–you can see it at Spin.com’s review here–that reawakened the earworm that is “Teen Line,” which had laid dormant in my brain for . . . OK, maybe since earlier in the day. Ever since I ran across the song a couple months ago I’ve been completely hooked and wake up more days than not with it already playing in my head. And so I pass this blessing that is a curse onto you. Here are the Shivvers playing “Teen Line” live in the studio for a TV station in Madison:

If you find yourself hooked, there’s a bunch of Shivvers material available through Hyped to Death