The Twitter for Hipster Runoff currently says, “i think my blog is ‘having a party’ in Chicago, or something.” And it’s true: though Carles is usually almost impenetrably ironic on his strangely popular blog, he’s being straight up with us here.

The second edition of Branded–the ravey new party series that kicked off with a Deadmau5/Crookers/Late of the Pier show in April–is happening at the Congress Theater on June 19, and not only is Hipster Runoff’s name on the bill, the press release makes a point of noting that Carles will be in the building.

Sure, the headliners might be the Rapture, Heartsrevolution, DJ Funk, and the Rub, and they might all be good and everything–actually after I typed that out I realized that it really is an amazing bill–but the real fun of the night will be trying to spot Carles. Maybe he’s like an alt leprechaun and if you capture him he gives you the secret to an “authentic personal brand.”

So be sure to keep your eye out for this guy:

I thought the highlight of my life would be appearing on both the Cobrasnake and Last Night’s Party

But really it was becoming bros with Carles

And getting dibs on his leftover tugjobs