It’s not official yet but a particularly credible little bird told me that we can expect a visit some time in May from Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini, who’ll be touring in support of the U.S. publication of Slow Food Nation: A Blueprint for Changing the Way We Eat, due out in late April. It’s more than a simple book signing. I’m told this will be a major speech outlining the principles of the book, that food should be “Good, Clean, and Fair,” which happens to be the title of the Italian edition. For people who care about food, this is something like Jesus coming to town to reprise the Sermon on the Mount. The event was originally booked for May 16 at the Instituto Italiano di Cultura, but organizers fear that venue isn’t big enough–Petrini draws thousands when he speaks in Europe. It’ll probably happen a few days later in a larger space. Stay tuned for more details.