Lorna's Silence
Lorna's Silence

Campaign finance reports were due to the Illinois State Board of Elections yesterday. Among the millions of dollars in interesting contributions to the six reform-pledging candidates for state’s attorney (yes, some of us are obsessed with this race, but it is kind of important):

* Bob Milan: $150,000 loans from both the Beverly Bank & Trust Company and himself; $10,000 from Dick Devine; $5,000 from former U.S. Senate candidate Blair Hull; $300 from former judge Edward Egan, author of the roundly criticized report on police torture under Jon Burge

* Anita Alvarez: $600,000 loan from her husband, Dr. James Gomez

* Howard Brookins Jr.: $12,500 from developer and Mayor Daley friend Elzie Higginbottom; $5,000 from Congressman Bobby Rush; $500 from convicted former alderman Percy Giles; $500 from Todd Stroger’s Eighth Ward organization

* Larry Suffredin: About $30,000 from the Service Employees International Union; $25,000 from former state senator Carol Ronen; $1,500 from Heather Steans, the state senate candidate Ronen endorsed/handpicked to succeed her

* Tommy Brewer: $27,000 in loans from himself

* Tom Allen: $3,500 from lobbyist and former mayoral aide Terry Teele; gazillions from various carpenters, boilermakers, and other unions; $5,500 from Gene’s Sausage Shop on West Belmont