Fans of free jazz and improvised music tend to be fervid, but record sales are another story. This is fringe music, but the people who follow it are passionate, and since the music tends to be well documented by small independent labels spread all over the globe, there are a lot of records and CDs to purchase. Considering small runs—which generally peak out at 1,000 copies—these titles often lack good distribution, which is why when many traveling musicians visit town they often set up a merchandise table that looks like a pop-up record shop. The Internet was supposed to let musicians take commerce into their own hands, but that hasn’t happened too often in this particular community—which is why it was so interesting when Ken Vandermark, Peter Brötzmann, Mats Gustafsson, and Paal Nilssen-Love created Catalytic-Sound in May 2011, basically allowing fans to buy music directly from them.