• Courtesy of Sewingneedle’s Facebook/Jillian Tackaberry
  • Sewingneedle

Chicago outfit Sewingneedle play glum, weathered postpunk. The group weds emo and slowcore, infusing the latter’s plodding melodies with a sense of foreboding. Sewningneedle’s music might be a lot more depressing if it didn’t have much of a grasp on songwriting—while the band plays like its got a perpetual gray cloud hanging overhead its songs are direct and forceful, and sometimes contain nuggets of sweetness beneath the layers of gloom. The group’s debut full-length, Vote of No Confidence, comes out next week on Aerial Ballet, a Chicago label run by bassist Danny Cohen, and Sewingneedle plays a record release show at the Burlington on Saturday night.

To prepare for the group’s headlining set take a look at the video for the first single off Vote of No Confidence, “Two For the Road,” which is today’s 12 O’Clock Track. In the clip Sewingneedle performs for an apathetic crowd of two in a poorly lit room surrounded by wood paneling—it’s the kind of depressing looking environment that might inspire one of the band’s songs. Fortunately Saturday’s show is in a much more pleasant space. To coincide with the release of Vote of No Confidence local brewery Spiteful Brewing made a “Vote of No Confidence” double IPA (Sewingneedle front man Calvin Fredrickson works for Spiteful); you can grab the IPA and vinyl at the release show.