The nonprofit Independent Press Association started to help independent media outlets with legal, financial, and logistical issues. But it was its attempt to help with actual distribution that brought it down last month–and may yet bring down more of those it hoped to help. Why would this be cause for Punk Planet, one of the victims of this disaster, to “celebrate” with a bash at the Hideout on February 25? Well, schadenfreude, maybe, or a sort of whistling past the graveyard, a toast to continued survival–and of course the chance, however slight, of recovering the money the IPA still owed the local mag when it bit the dust. There’ll be performances by Telenovela, the Chicago Thrash Ensemble, Fast Product, and Magic Lantern; a “comics draw-off” featuring Lilli Carre, Jeremi Onsmith, and many others; and a raffle with prizes from Thrill Jockey, Checkered Past, Bloodshot, Love Bunni Press, Bleeding Heart Bakery, et cetera.