Chance the Rapper wears many hats in addition to his omnipresent “3” ball cap: Grammy Award winning musician, community organizer—and now, believe it or not, state budget negotiator.

Today the hip-hop artist was obviously unsatisfied as he exited the Thompson Center after his much-hyped summit on school funding with Bruce Rauner. His message to the Illinois governor: “Take our kids off the table” in the state’s partisan budget battle.

Following the late morning meeting, Chance told reporters gathered outside the Thompson Center’s elevators that he was “flustered” while discussing a $215 million budget deal for CPS that Rauner vetoed.

“He asked me where I thought the $215 million was supposed to come from,” Chance said. “He gave me a lot of vague answers. So we’ll see what happens. He’s got my personal number.”

Chance also saved a dash of saltiness for the media before walking out of the building.

“I want y’all to do your jobs, as a matter of fact. Like, seriously, all the publications you work for and the international, national publications out there—Complex, Billboard—people that post about me walking down the street and shit. If you guys could post a comprehensive history about how we got here.”

(Hey, Chance—FWIW, we’ve got a semi-comprehensive history of Chicago inequality and state-funding shenanigans here and here and here.)

Hear from @chancetherapper about his meeting with Gov Rauner

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Rauner characterized the meeting as positive, noting that Chance was “very focused on getting quickly more money for CPS right now, and I share his passion.”

The governor, of course, didn’t mention that it was his own “passion” that helped prompt him to abruptly veto the December stopgap funding deal in the first place. Rauner later confessed that his move was a reaction to a statement from Senate president John Cullerton about proposed pension reform.

“And you know, I’m a human being, I get a little emotional sometimes,” Rauner told the Tribune editorial board.

It’s a statement that Chance notably retweeted following today’s meeting, and followed that up with another tweet indicating he’s not done fighting for CPS funding:

“Chicago Public Schools and I did not lose today. Please don’t let that become the narrative. Monday morning I’ll have a plan.”

I have no idea what that means—but I can’t wait for Monday!

Your move, Mike Madigan.