Netherfriends Credit: Max Goldberg

Last week, Shawn Rosenblatt of the local one-man indie-rock project Netherfriends posted an EP to Bandcamp that he recorded in 2013. The simple bedroom-pop record is called Logan Square, and delivers six quick tunes that are packed with harsh and biting commentary on staples of the Chicago garage-rock scene: Rosenblatt blatantly talks shit about brother-sister duo White Mystery, late-night spot the Owl, and shuttered DIY venue Animal Kingdom, among others. His commentary is both hilarious and really mean-spirited, calling out kids for being in crappy bands, dressing badly, and overusing drugs; it’s clear he’s got a bone to pick with the people who make noise around town. I’m not one for dramatics, but I’m starting to get pretty excited to see the backlash unfold here. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “It’s Magic” off of Logan Square, a superrude jab at defunct garage trio Magic Milk that tears not only into their music, but their stage antics and hygiene as well. Dis tracks aren’t just for rappers anymore, apparently. Check it out below.