• The-Drum

Over the past year the Chicago production duo the-Drum have made the leap from comfortable obscurity to, at least in certain quarters, possible Next Big Thing-ness. If that doesn’t happen—knock on wood—it won’t be for lack of effort. They have an LP called Contact set for a June release, and having been lucky enough to get an advance copy, I can assure you it slaps. If that doesn’t work out, there’s also a record by the local R&B trio JODY that they produced on its way. And if all else fails, the last time I interviewed them they had something around six or seven albums’ worth of material stockpiled.

The-Drum just premiered an exclusive new mix for the high-end online fashion boutique SSENSE where they mostly dispense with the traditional “playing a sequence of songs”-brand of DJing in favor of a far more abstract approach, with dense washes of psychedelic sound layered over beats that reference everything from vintage industrial music to footwork. You can stream it after the jump, alongside a preview track from Contact and the JODY single.