The Marion Street Cheese Market  is the only cheese store in Oak Park, a town that seems like it should have more great food shops than it actually does.  On February 28, in conjunction with the Lake Theater, Eric Larson and his fellow cheesemongers will host a special screening of Living on the Wedge, an insider’s tour of award-winning artisan cheesemakers in southwest Wisconsin directed by local filmmaker Gaylon Emerzian , whose Trillium Productions is also responsible for Spatulatta, a James Beard award-winning webcast. (Read Martha’s 2006 piece on the film here.)

After the screening some of the producers featured in the film will be on hand to provide chunks of their cheese along with paired wines.  Currently schedled to attend are Julie and Tony Hook (pictured) from Hook’s , as well as folks from Uplands (the makers of the heavily decorated Pleasant Ridge Reserve), Crave Brothers, and Carr Valley

This is a good opportunity for locavores to meet the people who make the products they love to eat. The Lake Theater is at 1020 Lake St in Oak Park; doors open at 6:30; admission is $40–but in addition to all the cheese you get a complimentary wine glass!