Local animator Jodie Mack curates Chi(a)nimation All-Stars, a program of Chicago animators, including several professors and students from the School of the Art Institute, Sunday at Nightingale.

The program features Jim Trainor‘s violent torn paper stop motion inspired by log ants Leafy Leafy Jungle; Andrew Stewart’s photocopier-made Errata; Lale Westvind’s Flesh Gun, in which “moustachioed perverts in a spaceship fire upon a deformed, nude woman daily”; Gonzalo Escobar’s doll and toy meditation Strategies of Trust; Lisa Barcy’s cutout and sand romance Mermaid; Jon Satrom’s EAGPOSTMUCNG; Basia Goszcynska’s Land Escape; Emily Kuehn’s The realTime and Life of John James Audubon; Lori Felker’s Zwischen; Clara Kim’s cutout Doppelgänger, Jared Larson’s “Photoshop craziness” Abnliumearteidon; Ernest Kim’s ink-and-paint ship-in-a-bottle tale Oh, My Captain!; Carolina Gonzalez Valencia’s cutout and puppet a-part from The Story; and Matt Marsden’s “collaborative animated unearthly train ride” Boxcartoon

It’s Sunday at 6 PM, followed by an 8 PM show of Seattle animation curated by Stefan Gruber, at Nightingale, 1084 N. Milwaukee.