Chic-a-Go-Go is one of the all-time best things about living in Chicago. Hauling your hungover ass out of bed before noon on a weekend to spend the afternoon dancing with a bunch of preschoolers, a punny rat puppet, and some costume-wearing weirdos (or, if you’re in a band, lip-synching to your own song in front of said crowd) is a lot more fun in practice than it sounds. Plus a few weeks later you get to see yourself on cable access.

Anyway, the DIY workaholics behind Chic-a-Go-Go are shooting a movie based on the show, and you can be in it if you can manage to get yourself to Schubas by noon on Sunday. Here are the details:

CHIC-A-GO-GO MOVIE TAPING THIS SUNDAY!For anyone interested in being an extra in the long-in-the-works, soon to be completed Chic-A-Go-Go movie, we are filming some important scenes Sunday December 17 from noon-4PM at Schuba’s (in the music room). Schuba’s is located at 3159. N. Southport (Belmont and Southport). The movie is an homage to 1950s Juvenile Delinquent rock ‘n’ roll movies, so whatever you wear will be fine, but looking likie a 1950s hooligan wouldn’t hurt. We will be filming a concert scene, so you will be dancing and rocking out to music. WE ARE SCHEDULED TO SHOOT THE CROWD SCENES FROM 12:30-2:00 (APPROX.). Please try to be there during those times. We will also need background people for other scenes, so if you can’t be there til later we can still use you. This will not be a regular taping of Chic-A-Go-Go, and won’t be as much fun (a lot more waiting around), but there will be nice people, snacks, and some dancing, so we’d love to have you there!

If you can’t make it out for the filming, you can always hit the next show taping, which is at 6 PM on Friday, December 22, at CAN-TV’s studios, 322 S. Green. For more info on the shoot or the regular show, e-mail info[at]