One thing I don’t like about being in Chicago is that it’s kind of like going back to high school forever:

The city’s world-class orchestra could not afford to tarnish its reputation, or that of Chicago as a major cultural center, by settling for someone second-rate.

Whew–Riccardo Muti, saving us from a Gold Coast riot.

Just to put things in perspective: one of the best orchestras in the world is in Cleveland. Which has its fans, but: chill. These things are as important as far as they go, and part of a very large whole. In fact, it’s a shame that pop/indie/hip-hop doesn’t work this way. Can’t the Pritzkers kick in lots of millions so we can install the RZA, Parts + Labor, TVOTR, Yelle, and other folks at cultural institutions around the city? If we’re going to keep up with all the other hep world cities, we have to plan for the Future.

Andrew Patner reports on the news without taking up the burden of civic self-esteem.