After my new BFF, Mayor Emanuel, signed on to decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana possession, I figured his proposal would sail through the city council like everything else his honor wants.

But . . .

Within days Aldermen Roberto Maldonado, Edward Burke and James Balcer said they might not vote for decriminalization, even though they’ve always been true-blue mayoral rubber stampers.

And now, who knows? This may spark our own version of a real Chicago Tea Party!

Well, I say right on to any alderman who dares to vote against the mayor. And as much as I favor marijuana’s legalization, I encourage them to vote their conscience on this issue as well.

I only hope this becomes their—oh—gateway to other no-votes.

Anyway, most of the dissenting aldermen say they’d have a hard time justifying a decriminalization vote to their children.

That got me thinking about a conversation an alderman might have with his son on the issue. Probably go something like this . . .