First round. Wow.

QOTD: Mark Bazer on WGN radio, from Daley Plaza: “Even the Picasso sculpture just up and left.”

Update: Tokyo’s out. No one ever listens to me.

QOTD #2: WGN host (I’m closely paraphrasing): “There are now two cities left, though there’s probably much less interest in Chicago now. In sports, the Cubs play the Diamondbacks, WGN Radio at 2:20….” I have to admit that segue was pretty poignant.

Update: There’s a winner, but we have to wait an hour and twenty minutes.

QOTD #3: Dan Sinker via Twitter: “So who’s down with the idea of Chi2016: Let’s Do It Anyway. Rebuild the failing infrastructure, reinvest in communities & schools.”

Update: Listening to WGN radio call-in. Quite interesting – a tiny sample so far, but not much disappointment. Even the one heartbroken caller dumped on Daley. Mark Bazer – who’s doing an excellent job reporting from Daley Plaza – mentions that there wasn’t any sort of aesthetic exit strategy: no music, no speeches, no “hey, buck up” outro.

Update: Today in The Golden Days of Journalism Were Not As Golden As You Think: “City’s failed [1952] try for the Summer Olympics included a Tribune reporter delivering the final pitch in Stockholm.” Via Steve Rhodes, who got a deserved shout-out on WGN this morning.

Update: The Windy Citzen‘s Brad Flora weighs in on Slate about the failure of the Olympics bid: “The hard-to-refute fuzziness of concepts like ‘the world stage’ and a city’s ‘global profile’ resonate with large segments of the public. They also drive nerds into a rage by giving them no data to refute.”

Update: Marcus Gilmer of Chicagoist has a good capture from the scene at Daley Plaza.

Update: Roland Burris was going to speak at the rally? Srsly?

Update: Starting to wonder if all politics is indeed local: “Spain’s bid is bolstered by powerful insider connections, especially with King Juan Carlos, himself a former Olympian, and former IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch in Copenhagen.” Not only are the Olympics Samaranch’s dying (or at least being quite old) wish, his kid is on the committee.

If it turns out Daley lost the Games because of clout and family connections… well, yeah.