Richard Cahan and Michael Williams discuss their new book, Edgar Miller and the Handmade Home: Chicago’s Forgotten Renaissance Man (CityFiles Press), on Saturday, November 14 at 3:30 PM, at a meeting of the Chicago Art Deco Society at Roosevelt University’s Congress Lounge, 430 S. Michigan; it’s $15 for nonmembers to attend, and preregistration is recommended.

From the book’s press release: “Edgar Miller was a Chicago artist who used recycled material to turn old homes into works of art. He called it a “social adventure.'”

From the Reader archive: “[Sol] Kogen and Miller collected funky stuff and salvaged scrap and crafted what they needed to create a crazy quilt of materials and form. Larry Zgoda, a local stained glass artist who met and worked with Miller in the 1980s, says Miller ‘lived a life drenched in art, and he created . . . romantic, creative places that are drenched in pattern and color and the texture of their elemental materials.'”