From Hopper’s blog:

This is an open appeal from my tight bro in FLA, Mike Taylor:

Dear traveling bands and art rebels, et al.

In the early 80s, Black Flag drove to Miami. Their style of Hello Kitty t shirts and cutoff jeans forced the Miami Beach punxes of the era to doff their leather jackets and mohawks in favor of fuggit apparel that the rest of the youth culture only caught onto like 5 months ago. Fast forward to 2006, when Animal Collective and GangGang Dance played at the Vagabond in midtown, because bands only come to Miami when galleries pay their way in December for Art Basel; Animal Collective is now alternative Miami’s favorite band.

It’s like Daydream Nation, but Animal Collective.

And that could’ve been your band.

Do you understand?

Come here. It is 6 hours south of Gainesville, which you should be playing anyway. Yes, I know it’s a long, dull drive. You still play Nebraska, though. The time is now, 2009. They even made a joke about it on 30 Rock last night: “Why does anyone go to Miami? Ass. And the bourgeoning art scene”.

I quit booking shows when I lived where everyone wanted to go. Now, I will book your show. I will make sure you eat well. I’ll take you to the beach in February. You’ll get to scope out your apt. for when Cuban travel is an Obama possibility. I can’t promise the ass thing, but if you know how to work it…

I know it’s not 1996 and you don’t have to bust your ass anymore and MySpace guarantees whatever you think they guarantee. But seriously, fix your sense of adventure. This is one of the last major US cities that freak culture avoids, yet it has more pirate radio than ANY US CITY and better coffee than ANYWHERE. Right now, noise kids are descending on Miami for the annual Int’l Noise Conference and they’re gonna have a blast. Then, all will be quiet until December. If you tour here, you will have a memorable experience.

Take me up on this. I’m not sure how long my time is for here. Email me at scenerific AT yahoo DOTTT com ( in the spirit of true-to-life trust and adventure) if you want a show NOT IN DECEMBER. I will not deal with Art Basel shows! I DO NOT HAVE A MYSPACE ADDRESS.

Thank you and get psyched,

Mike Taylor