• The British indie The Other Side of Sleep screens this Friday and Saturday at the Patio.

As I noted earlier today, the Chicago Cinema Society will present an archival 35-millimeter print of Walter Hill’s The Warriors three weekends from now. But this screening is just one of many that the local programming group has lined up at the Patio Theater. Yesterday the Cinema Society and the Patio announced that they’ve agreed to an ongoing partnership and released their schedule for the next two months. The programming reflects a growing diversity on the part of the CCS, which has tended towards international genre cinema since they started presenting movies in December 2011. This weekend brings The Other Side of Sleep, a muted psychological thriller from England, and a “25th-anniversary DCP restoration” of Ron Howard’s Willow. Other notable upcoming screenings include the local premiere of the Lithuanian sci-fi Vanishing Waves (which garnered plenty of buzz on the European festival circuit last year) and an encore presentation of Miguel Gomes’s Tabu, which plays this week at the European Union Film Festival.