Update on the possibility of a Richard J. Daley movie being filmed in Michigan: Chicago Film Office director Richard Moskal is in Los Angeles working to bring some business back, as is Michigan Film Office director Janet Lockwood. (No word on whether they’ve had occasion to sit down and talk politics or arm-wrestle for the rights to upcoming productions.) But another Chicago Film Office staffer assures me they haven’t been approached about a Boss Daley project–and if they ever are, they would almost certainly welcome it to Chicago. She noted that a film about John Dillinger is currently in production here, even though it won’t help improve the city’s reputation for gangsterism (no idea where that came from), and Steven Spielberg is reportedly working on a project about the 1968 Democratic convention and the Chicago Seven trial. A few years ago Backdraft was made here; it managed to work in some images of corrupt aldermen–and took no heat from real-life political figures, she noted.

And would the office be willing to help someone wanting to shoot a film in Chicago about, say, a mayor charged with perjury after a steamy text-messaging scandal? “Absolutely!”

Or a mayor whose administration is investigated for hiring corruption or forced to pay gazillions to settle police abuse lawsuits [second item]? Probably not fantastical enough to be interesting on the big screen, but just in case . . .

“Content is not an issue,” she said. “I hope they feel they can come here.”