• Courtesy of Air Balloon Tapes’ Bandcamp
  • This cat approves of Air Balloon Tapes’ first compilation.

Local microlabel Air Balloon Tapes emerged last month with a distinct desire to give back to the DIY community. Inspired by indie-pop compilations from defunct UK label Sarah Records, which put out a 23-track collection in 1990 called Air Balloon Road, the team behind Air Balloon Tapes hope to showcase a range of underground acts through monthly cassette releases, and a portion of the proceeds benefit DIY spaces. The label dropped its debut compilation last month, which helped raise money for an underground venue that was evicted from its space earlier this year (I’ve left the name out considering it’s a DIY operation). Air Balloon Tapes is spreading the love elsewhere too: its second compilation came out this week, and it’s a collaboration with east-coast arts collective Slackgaze that benefits a New York space. The new cassette features bands from around the country, including “dreampunk” outfit MTVGhosts—take a listen to both compilations below.