DJ Big Hank Credit: Image from DJ Big Hank's Facebook page

Atlanta rapper Future dropped two full-lengths in eight days earlier this year—Future on February 17 and Hndrxx on February 24. Listening to all that music felt like sifting through a data dump, not like processing two albums—even Future’s gooey AutoTune flow lost some of its sui generis punch in their undifferentiated mass. But a couple days ago, I started returning to the track “High Demand” from Future—not because it’d stuck with me from February, but because Chicago footwork producer and Teklife affiliate DJ Big Hank did something memorable with it on his new full-length, Streetwise.

Hank samples “High Demand” for the Streetwise track “Fresher.” He speeds up the sighing synths of Future’s original and chops them up with deranged percussion. The shivering hi-hats and stumbling claps feel even more agitated than the already accelerated sample, and this throttled-up treatment also sharpens the sadness in Future’s performance, which I barely noticed the first time I heard “High Demand.” So while “Fresher” persuaded me to play Future again for the first time in months, it’s been much more effective at persuading me to listen to more of DJ Big Hank.