This from Chicago Dramatists, which has been nuturing local playwrights and plays–including me and mine–for 30 years:

Dear Friends of Chicago Dramatists,

Times are very tough for all of us.  As a community, we can ensure that Chicago Dramatists continues to thrive as a center for new plays for the American theatre.

We are asking our friends and the community to GIVE $30 NOW to celebrate 30 years of Chicago Dramatists, and to ensure our stability a year from now, when things get much tougher.  Please donate at

You have undoubtedly heard from arts organizations of all shapes and sizes asking for your support.  Many are companies in desperate need.  We hope you will help those companies survive, and by giving to us NOW, help us avoid their fate. We have been struggling.  Over the last six months, Chicago Dramatists has worked hard to manage its finances during this difficult economic period. We do not have an endowment or a cash reserve.  We have stayed clear of major debt, but our important playwright development programming is in jeopardy.  Our dedicated Staff and Board have already made many tough decisions, cutting the current year budget by almost 20%. We have put ourselves in a position to come out of this recession as a stronger and more nimble organization, ready for the future.  But to do it, we are going to need your help now.
Chicago Dramatists is the engine that drives Chicago’s theatre community.  We are the creative home to over 200 playwrights whose plays move on to theatres large and small in Chicago and across the nation.  Therefore, the beneficiaries of our work number literally in the hundreds of thousands.  Chicago Dramatists is a national center for new play development and a Chicago treasure .
Please donate TODAY to ensure we avoid the situation that other organizations our size are facing right now.  By giving $30 (or whatever you can afford), you will not just help Chicago Dramatists celebrate 30 successful years of new play development, you will help ensure our survival!

For full details on what Chicago Dramatists is doing to manage during these difficult times and to DONATE NOW, go to our website at

Yours in Art,

Russ Tutterow, Artistic Director
Brian Loevner, Managing Director

P.S.  Of course, we would be very grateful if you want to give more than $30!  Any amount will be most welcome.  If you prefer to mail a check, you can do so to:  Chicago Dramatists, 1105 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60642